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Kajima's CSR Framework

Kajima has established a framework that serves as the foundation of the Group's CSR initiatives.

Kajima Provides High-Quality Infrastructure, Buildings and Services through Five Fundamental Approaches

Under the slogan of "a vision for all eras," Kajima builds high-quality social infrastructure that contributes to the creation of a safe, secure and comfortable society.

Approach 1—Ensuring Compliance

To earn the trust of its clients and society, Kajima raises awareness of compliance among its employees to ensure that all business activities are conducted according to the highest ethical standards.

Approach 2—Placing the Highest Value on Kajima's People

Kajima strives to create optimum working conditions and a safe working environment for employees while passing on the spirit of craftsmanship and technical skills to future generations.

Approach 3—Providing Innovative Solutions for a Better Environment

With an eye on the next generation, Kajima makes environmental efforts from the protection of biodiversity to creation of urban spaces in harmony with the environment.

Approach 4—Working with Local Communities

Kajima contributes to the development of local communities through a variety of social activities and corporate philanthropy.

Approach 5—Communicating with Stakeholders

Kajima has developed a variety of communication tools for providing prompt and accurate disclosure for all stakeholders including investors and the public.

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