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Approach 2—Placing the Highest Value on Kajima's People

Figure: CSR Framework

A construction firm is responsible for completing an entire project, which includes bringing together subcontractors with many different specialties and uniting them into a cohesive team. Each individual's abilities are an asset. Kajima works to create the type of environment and esprit de corps that will enable a large number of people to work together in safety and with mutual trust, in a pleasant workplace where there is pride and a feeling of mission based on an awareness that the work is important to society.


Creating Optimum Working Conditions for Employees

Kajima is striving to be a company that its employees feel proud to work for, and can achieve a proper balance between their jobs and private lives. In addition, the company works to create a workplace where, regardless of nationality, gender, or disability, each employee is motivated and always makes the most of his or her talents in their performance.

Passing On the Spirit of Craftsmanship and Technical Skills to Future Generations of Employees

Kajima's spirit of craftsmanship in construction is supported by each and every one of the company's employees and subcontractors. It is vitally important that veteran employees share their experience and expertise with young and new employees. Kajima has placed utmost importance on establishing various training systems to ensure that Kajima employees pass on their knowledge and the Kajima spirit to younger co-workers through daily activities and operations.

Ensuring a Safe Work Environment for Kajima's Employees and Business Partners

Safety is the barometer of a company's capabilities and conscience. Without a bona fide safety and health management system, a company cannot win the trust of society. In order to achieve its goal of zero critical accidents and fatalities, Kajima is pursuing a wide range of measures designed to ensure a safe working environment.

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Home > CSR > Approach 2—Placing the Highest Value on Kajima's People

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