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Passing On the Spirit of Craftsmanship and Technical Skills to Future Generations of Employees

Kajima's spirit of craftsmanship in construction is supported by each and every one of the company's employees and subcontractors. It is vitally important that veteran employees share their experience and expertise with young and new employees. Kajima has placed utmost importance on establishing various training systems to ensure that Kajima employees pass on their knowledge and the Kajima spirit to younger co-workers through daily activities and operations.

Fostering Technical Skills

Technical skills are indispensable in the construction of buildings and other structures that can stand the test of time. Kajima boasts two types of technical skills: those stemming from new technology developed at the company level, and those based on craftsmanship applied at construction sites. This craftsmanship is underpinned by the skills of each and every engineer of Kajima and its subcontractors working together at construction sites.

Kajima provides a systematic education program that combines group training with hands-on learning onsite to ensure that younger employees understand the company's onsite construction processes and develop a "Kajima mindset," defined as the fusion of knowledge and experience.

Kajima's civil engineering and building construction divisions stress basic technical training during employees' first five years with the company. Today, strengthening construction capabilities is a major area of focus for Kajima. As such, Kajima provides different training programs specifically tailored to foster the skills of both mid- and entry-level engineers.

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Fundamental Craftsmanship Training

In fiscal 2009, Kajima introduced its Fundamental Craftsmanship Training, a new program for new hires, held at the Fuji Education and Training Center. The program provided hands-on training for 49 civil engineers and 42 building construction engineers. Program content was tailored to the engineers' respective companies, and covered surveying, rebar and form work, and other basic construction skills. The program offered an excellent opportunity for trainees from group companies to socialize while staying together at the training center.

Trainees commented that they had developed close ties with fellow program participants, and that the training had provided them with the basic knowledge essential to construction site work. These comments highlighted the importance of providing early hands-on training on the basics of construction. Kajima will continue the Introductory Craftsmanship Training program to provide new employees with competitive skills from the outset.

Photo: Civil Engineering Division's Engineer Trainees Practice Surveying

Civil Engineering Division's engineer trainees practice surveying.

Photo: Building Construction Division's Engineer Trainees Practice form Work

Building Construction Division's engineer trainees practice form work.

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Activities in the Civil Engineering Division

Employee-to-Employee Training Program

With Japan's baby boomer generation heading toward retirement, Kajima has begun taking steps to ensure that their tremendous experience and know-how are passed on to the next generation. The Tokyo Civil Engineering Branch, for example, began holding the Employee-to-Employee Training Program in fiscal 2007, with the aim of cultivating the skills of future project managers. In fiscal 2008, Kajima continued this program at the Tokyo Civil Engineering Branch and also carried it out at the Kansai Branch, with participation open to employees at branches throughout Japan. Attendees praised the program's curriculum, finding the case studies to be highly interesting and helpful.

Photo: Tamiharu Tashiro

General Manager Tamiharu Tashiro discusses Kajima's training programs.

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Activities in the Building Construction Division

Hands-On Group Training for New Employees

Kajima conducts hands-on group training during evening classes to teach new employees about construction. From May through October during their first year with the company, building construction engineers attend evening classes from 5:00 p.m. once a week at the Kajima head office, where senior and retired employees specializing in various areas of expertise in building construction deliver lectures on the basic techniques and know-how used in the practice of construction. Lectures cover five main areas: planning principles, design, construction drawing, construction management (in terms of quality, cost, delivery, safety, and the environment) and major types of construction works, spanning a total of 40 classes. Arrangements are also made for trainees to tour construction sites and observe techniques studied in class being practiced in the field. In addition, each course participant is assigned a mentor to help the trainee understand how field observations tie in with the course work.

The mentoring program is a formal part of the company's on-the-job training (OJT) program. This system ensures that everyone acquires basic technical and operational knowledge needed to get off to a successful start—no matter where they are placed.

Photo: Hands-On Group Training for New Employees

Employees participate in training classes.

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