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Priority Issue 4: Preservation of Biodiversity

Kajima broke new ground in the construction industry by introducing the Kajima Action Plan for Ecosystem Conservation, and has since followed up by developing manuals and training materials, offering proposals for biodiversity projects, carrying out research and development, and becoming involved in various community service activities. Included among the company's mid-term goals are plans to strengthen its training activities, propose more construction projects that tie in with efforts to preserve biodiversity, and make improvements in the area of procurement.

Kajima Biodiversity Guidelines

The company adopted the Kajima Action Plan for Ecosystem Conservation in August 2005, and conducted a number of activities in accordance with it. Kajima revised the Plan in September 2009, renaming it the Kajima Biodiversity Guidelines, with the aim to give more consideration to biodiversity issues. The content of the Guidelines is provided below.

Basic Philosophy

As a company with "a vision for all eras," Kajima is pursuing its mission of maintaining a rich environment for future generations and building high-quality social infrastructure for society.

The deterioration of biodiversity, which affects the environment around the world, along with global warming are monumental issues of our time—and companies have a major role in finding solutions.

Kajima will take initiatives for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity through its related activities in its construction business, with the overall objective of contributing to realizing a society in which people and nature can harmoniously coexist.


Participation of All Employees
Kajima shall promote company-wide efforts for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity by raising awareness of the value of nature among its employees and disseminating information on biodiversity.

Development of the Construction Industry
Kajima shall aim for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity by offering proposals that make use of information and technology related to biodiversity and promoting environmental considerations at construction sites.

Improvement of the Supply Chain
Kajima shall aim to reduce the impact on biodiversity by improving the supply chain for construction materials and office supplies.

Pursuit of Research and Development
Kajima shall accumulate information and technical expertise related to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, and pursue research and technology development in this area.

Consideration of Social Demands
Kajima shall not only comply to laws and regulations related to biodiversity, but also respect related policies and social demands, and apply its expertise in this field to its construction business.

Promotion of Communications
Kajima shall share its achievements and research results related to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and promote cooperation and dialogue with stakeholders, including clients, local communities, public administrations, research institutes, private enterprises, and NGOs.

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Creative ideas for the "green assets" of the Eco-Asset Consortium

Kajima, the InterRisk Research Institute, and Sumitomo Forestry joined hands in 2004 and established the Eco-Asset Consortium to assist companies with innovative proposals for to making use of the "green assets" in their possession.

The Eco-Asset Consortium advises companies on how to use company-owned nature areas (e.g. green areas on the premises of factories and buildings, company forests, etc.) in such a way as to maximize biodiversity, which in turn serves as a means of achieving their CSR and commercial real estate (CRE) management objectives. Each of the three partner firms contributes its own unique technologies and know-how to the Consortium, which provides one-stop service to meet the diverse needs of business firms. In 2008, Sony and Idemitsu consulted with the consortium on how to make the best use of their company-owned nature areas.

Photo: Idemitsu's Chiba Refinery

Idemitsu's Chiba Refinery

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Communicating with stakeholders

Kajima does not work independently in addressing the issues of ecosystem preservation and biodiversity. It is important to work hand-in-hand with researchers, NPOs, citizens, and all levels of government. Concern for these matters is growing in society, and the number of events relating to biodiversity spiked up sharply in fiscal 2008.

Kajima was represented at numerous symposiums and lectures, where it had ample opportunity to exchange views with NPOs, researchers, the business community, and a range of other specialists. In fiscal 2008, Kajima employees acted as speakers at a total of 29 different events, including environmental lectures for the general public and biodiversity seminars targeted to the business community.

Kajima will continue to put forward biodiversity issues for discussion, and in the course of its environmental activities, will act on feedback from society.

Photo: Communicating with Stakeholders

A representative from Kajima gives a presentation.

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