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Building Construction Business

Japanese construction firms are regarded as different from their Western counterparts in that they also provide in-house design services. At Kajima, in addition to a design division, it also has a real estate development division, and taken together, this enables the company to handle everything from project startup, planning, and design to construction, operation, maintenance and renewal. With its comprehensive expertise in all of these areas, Kajima is working toward creating environments that provide the ultimate in comfort and ease.

The Kaga Residence

In August 2008, Kajima completed construction of the Kaga Residence, an upscale 14-story residential complex with 246 units located in the Kaga district of Tokyo's Itabashi Ward. As the first post town on the Nakasendo road in the Edo Era, Kaga is a historical part of Tokyo named after the nobleman Kaga Maeda, who kept a residence there. Kajima selected the area because of its excellent residential character and close proximity to central Tokyo. The surroundings abound in natural beauty throughout the year, especially the Shakujii River, which is lined with ancient cherry trees that call to mind a time long gone by.

Photo: Kaga Residence

Photo: Yukio Shimizu

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The Process of Creating Comfort

Proposing Comprehensive Plans

By accurately identifying what customers want and drawing from its storehouse of accumulated know-how, Kajima strives to offer clients the very best proposals at the planning stage. Professionals from different departments work together to design comprehensive solutions that address issues ranging from environmental assessment and development licenses to funding.

Photo: Proposing Comprehensive Plans


After the planning phase, the project enters the design phase, in which a basic design is followed up with a final design that fleshes out ideas in greater detail. Until construction gets underway, designers continuously work to integrate clients' needs with Kajima's ideas for the best solutions. The company employs universal design concepts and strives for energy efficiency to ensure that its buildings are environmentally friendly and easy for anyone to use. At the design phase, Kajima communicates closely with relevant authorities and considers potential legal compliance issues. Kajima always makes sure that its designs are in compliance with laws and regulations.

Photo: Design


Employing its highly refined designs and accumulated expertise, Kajima consistently works according to schedules and delivers buildings that meet the quality requirements and time frames contractually stipulated by its clients. Kajima makes every effort to ensure that work sites are safe and reliable for employees, and as a member of the community, communicates with nearby residents to gain their support. As a result, Kajima is able to build social infrastructure that will be used for generations into the future.

Photo: Construction

Maintenance & Management

After a building is completed, the Kajima Group continues to stand behind its product by providing periodic inspections, post-maintenance, and long-term repair service. To continue raising the value of its buildings, Kajima provides solutions that focus on building lifecycles and environmental issues as well as building diagnosis.

Photo: Maintenance & Management

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World-First New Demolition Technology—the Kajima Cut and Take Down Method

In November 2007, Kajima began demolition of its former head office buildings, which had served the company since 1968. Although major renovations had been carried out twice, Kajima finally decided to replace its head office buildings in order to upgrade to a more advanced office environment with cutting-edge IT and energy-saving features.

Buildings are usually demolished by placing heavy equipment and workers on the top floor, and then lowering the waste material down to ground level. Kajima, however, demolished its former head office buildings (75 meters / 20 stories, and 65 meters / 17 stories) using a world-first technique. Called the Kajima Cut & Take Down Method, it enables demolition work to be done on the ground floor. By starting at the bottom, gutting one floor, and then lowering the entire building down on jacks one floor at a time, all the work can be performed safely at ground level.

This is a video of demolition work.

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