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Approach 5—Communicating with Stakeholders

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Kajima has received high praise for its many CSR activities and undertakings. The company has developed a variety of communication tools, including annual and CSR reports as well as the company Web site, to disseminate information. These tools are used in settings where the company exchanges opinions with its stakeholders.

External Evaluations

Chairman Umeda receives award from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers

Kajima's Chairman Sadao Umeda was one of three persons to receive the Distinguished Service Award for 2008 from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE). The Distinguished Service Awards were established to provide recognition for breakthroughs in civil engineering that contribute significantly to social development and academic progress. Given to individuals who have made particularly outstanding contributions, the highly coveted awards carry great prestige in the field of civil engineering.

Until now, most Distinguished Service Awards have gone to academics and government officials. The decision, therefore, to grant one of the 2008 Awards to someone from the industrial sector is a deeply meaningful endorsement of the tremendous technology and business achievements of Chairman Umeda. It also stands as recognition of the monumental service to society that he has performed over the course of his career.

Chairman Umeda has made significant contributions during his career to a number of innovative improvements in the field of dam construction. Since joining Kajima, Chairman Umeda has taken part in the construction of some of the most notable dams in Japan, and is especially well known for his role in developing the Roller Compacted Dam-Concrete (RCD) construction method, which has become a standard method of concrete dam construction. In addition, he has been a very important player in the efforts of Kajima to develop new construction techniques and ensure that proper training is passed on to future generations. He received a Ph.D. in engineering from Kyoto University in 2001.

As chairman of the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors and the Japan Civil Engineering Contractors Association, and through his service in a wide range of public, governmental, industrial, and business positions, Chairman Umeda has worked tirelessly over many years to familiarize the public with the role of the construction industry, and to contribute to providing the tangible benefits of building Japan's social infrastructure and the intangible benefits of creating a safe and pleasant society for all to enjoy.

Social Responsibility Indices

FTSE4Good Index Series

Mark: FTSE4Good Index Series

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

Kajima is a component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index.

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