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1840 Iwakichi Kajima begins carpentry business in Edo (present day Tokyo)
1860 Kajima pioneers first western-style building, Ei-Ichiban Kan (English House No.1), in Yokohama
1880 Establishes Kajima Gumi
1891 Construction begins on Usui Railway Line
1899 Railway construction projects begin in Korea and Taiwan
1918 Construction of Tanna Tunnel begins (17-year project)
1923 Great Kanto Earthquake after
Kajima participates in reconstruction work
1924 Completes Japan's first concrete dam (Ohmine Dam)
1930 Kajima becomes incorporated company
(issues stock, capitalized at 3 million yen)
1945 Support of postwar reconstruction begins
1949 Founds Kajima Technical Research Institute
(first research facility in Japan's construction industry)
1950 Pioneers first joint venture with Morrison-Knudsen of the U.S.A.
1957 Completes Japan's first nuclear reactor
1959 Construction of Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Line begins
1961 Lists stocks on Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges
1963 Attains world No. 1 ranking in construction (total contract value)
Constructs facilities for Tokyo Olympic Games
Completes New Tanna Tunnel for Shinkansen
1964 Establishes Kajima International Incorporated (KII) in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.
1968 Completes Japan's first high-rise building (Kasumigaseki Building)
1969 Kajima Design Division wins bid for new Supreme Court Building
1971 Completes 47-story Keio Plaza Hotel
(Japan's first super-high-rise hotel) in Shinjuku
1978 Introduces company total quality control
Completes International Trade Center in Berlin
1982 Receives Deming Prize
[for advances in guality improvement]
1983 Establishes Chung-Lu Sino-Kajima Construction Co., Ltd.
1984 Completes New Kokugikan Sumo Arena
1987 Establishes Kajima Europe B.V. (KE) in the Netherlands
1988 Establishes Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd (KOA) in Singapore
Completes Seikan Tunnel (world's longest tunnel)
1994 Completes Kansai International Airport
1995 Renovates Suez Canal tunnel
1997 Completes Tokyo Wan Aqualine
1998 Completes Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
2003 Establishes Kajima (Shanghai) Construction Co., Ltd.
Completes Shiodome Tower
2006 Completes Akihabara Crossfield
2007 Completes Kajima Head Office, Kajima Akasaka Annex
2008 Completes Breezé Tower
2009 Celebrates 170th anniversary of establishment
2010 Completes D-Runway,Tokyo International Airport
Completes Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore
2011 Completes Dubai Metro
2012 Completes Preservation and Restoration of Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building
2013 Completes Tokyo Station City Granroof
2014 Completes Kyogoku Hydoro Power Plant (Upper reservoir)
2015 Establishes Kajima Australia Ply Ltd (KA)
Completes National Treasure Himeji Castle Main Keep
2016 Completes Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho
2017 Completes GINZA SIX, Kanagawa Route 7 (Yokohama North Line) opened
  • 1860 Ei-Ichiban Kan (English House No.1)
  • 1918 Tanna Tunnel
  • 1924 Ohmine Dam
  • 1957 Nuclear Reactor
  • 1963 New Tanna Tunnel
  • 1968 Kasumigaseki Building
  • 1974 Shinjuku Skyline
  • 1984 Kokugikan Sumo Arena
  • 1998 Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
  • 2003 Shiodome Tower
  • 2006 Akihabara Crossfield
  • 2007 Kajima Head Office
  • 2008 Breezé Tower
  • Tokyo International Airport 2010 Tokyo International Airport
  • 2012 Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building
  • Kyougoku Hydoro Power Plant 2014 Kyogoku Hydoro Power Plant (Upper reservoir)
  • 2015 National Treasure Himeji Castle Main Keep
  • Kyougoku Hydoro Power Plant 2016 Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho

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