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In 2009, Kajima celebrated the 170th anniversary of its founding. Ever since it was founded in 1840, the Company has steadily developed and overcome diverse challenges as Japan transformed itself from the feudal shogunate of the late Edo era into a modern economic powerhouse.

Index of Kajima’s History


Here we present a chronological table showing the progress of Kajima, from its establishment in 1840 to the present day.

The Initial Period

Known as “Kajima, the Western Construction Expert,” Kajima was ahead of its time as it built modern building after modern building.

Surging Ahead from Railway Construction to Civil Engineering

Kajima greatly contributed to the national land development of Japan as it evolved from being a builder of railways to being civil engineers.

Construction of Skyscrapers and Other Buildings

Kajima established itself as an expert in high-rise construction by building Japan’s first ultrahigh-rise building at a time when building such structures in the earthquake-prone nation was thought impossible.

Truly Comprehensive Capabilities

During the Japanese economic miracle, Kajima undertook successive mega-projects.

Responding to Japan’s Internationalization

While constructing dams, power plants, docks and more in Southeast Asia and beyond, Kajima set up local subsidiaries in the United States, Europe and Asia, and is currently establishing bases for the development of its international business around the world.

Responding to Recession and Anticipating 21st Century Needs

Amid the sluggish growth caused by the unprecedented worldwide recession, Kajima heads into an era of innovation, with its objective being reinventing itself.


An Introduction to the Evolution of Kajima's Logo

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