Our Heritage

Kajima's overseas operations, which began in Los Angeles,
have greatly expanded to North America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe.
Kajima continues to build trust with our overseas clients
by responding to their needs with optimized services in every region.

Our “original” project
- Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

The history of Kajima's overseas construction and real estate development began in the 1960s with Kajima International, Inc. (KII) which was established in 1964 for the redevelopment of Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles. Then Kajima’s overseas business operations gradually expanded when offices were established in Europe and Southeast Asia in the 1970s.

In the 1980s, Kajima decided to establish overseas subsidiaries in three chief markets to expand our construction and real estate development businesses. In 1986, Kajima U.S.A. (KUSA) was established in the United States, followed by Kajima Europe (KE) in London, U.K. in 1987, and Kajima Overseas Asia (KOA) in Singapore in 1988. Please go to the history of Kajima's Construction Business and Real Estate Development Business in each region for details.

“Little Tokyo” in downtown Los Angeles

“Little Tokyo” in downtown Los Angeles

  • Construction
  • Real Estate

History of Kajima Construction

North America

Initially, our construction business in North America was a modest one that performed only design work. However, as the number of Japanese companies expanding to the West coast grew, the opportunities for construction work increased and Kajima gradually expanded into the business of construction.

In the 1970s, we relocated our U.S. headquarters from Los Angeles to the greater New York area as Japanese companies expanded their operations to the East coast. Subsequently, we opened offices in several major U.S. cities including Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. Since 1985, when investment from the Japanese automobile industry began to rapidly accelerate, Kajima successfully completed work on automotive assembly plants for Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Subaru and Isuzu, as well as constructing many plants for automotive parts suppliers.

In the 1990s, as the wave of Japanese investment subsided, Kajima was among the first to localize its operations. During this time, Japanese management techniques were highly regarded and the number of contracts from major U.S. companies gradually increased.

Since 2000, as the IT industry in the United States rapidly grew, we built many data centers and mission-critical facilities around the country. In parallel to this, Kajima also worked on the development and construction of large-scale distribution warehouses called "big boxes" with the explosive rise of e-commerce.

Today, Kajima USA, as the regional headquarters and holding company, manages the group’s companies from Atlanta, Georgia. We control engineering-construction and real estate businesses through subsidiaries that were spun off Kajima and top U.S. companies that joined the Kajima Group through corporate acquisitions. Kajima USA group companies provide construction-related services in a wide range of markets, including manufacturing, logistics, offices, housing, and hotels serving both U.S. and international clients from around the world.

Mazda Automotive Plant, Flat Rock, Michigan

Mazda Automotive Plant, Flat Rock, Michigan

Asia and Oceania

Kajima’s construction business in Asia began in the 1960s with a shipyard project in Singapore. Subsequently, in addition to civil engineering projects including power plants and dams, we also began building office buildings, hotels, houses, and factories.

In the 1980s, our construction business in Asia continued to expand as many companies from electrical, machinery and automobile assembly industries and their suppliers invested in the Asian market and over the next decade, Kajima worked on large-scale urban redevelopment projects in Indonesia and Singapore, thereby expanding our real estate development business.

In 2003, Kajima resumed operations in mainland China by establishing Kajima Corporation (China) as a result of China joining the WTO. In recent years, we have focused on high value-added, technically challenging manufacturing facilities such as pharmaceutical production facilities in mainland China.

In Taiwan, Kajima’s subsidiary company, Chung-Lu Construction, is recognized for its technical competence and high-quality constructions. Chung-Lu is trusted by many local developers and has built numerous high-rise housing projects for such clients.

Currently, in Southeast Asia, Kajima has building construction enterprises in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Myanmar, with Kajima Asia Pacific Holdings (KAP) serving as the holding company. In mainland China, we are active mainly in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and some other regions. In Taiwan, we serve mostly Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

In Oceania, Kajima Australia Pty. Ltd. (KA) has acquired local construction and real estate development companies and has been engaged in construction projects in Australia and New Zealand. Kajima Australia group companies are also operating internationally by providing construction management services for pharmaceutical companies in the United States and Asia and special constructs for theme park related projects around the world.

Sentosa Island Resort Project

Sentosa Island Resort Project


Kajima’s first construction project in Europe in the mid-1970s was a project located in Berlin which was at that time still East Germany. Then, spring boarding off our experience in East Germany, we gradually added to our list of achievements completing additional projects in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. We constructed mainly office buildings, commercial facilities, manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

However, demand for construction from Western Europe has been sluggish since around 2000 so in 2001 and 2002, we opened new offices in Poland and the Czech Republic in line with the shift in corporate investment to Central Europe.

Currently, Kajima Europe (KE)’s head office is in the United Kingdom, and construction work is concentrated in Poland and Czech Republic. The number of construction projects is on the rise, not only from Japanese companies, but also domestic and Western-affiliated companies alike. Here, we operate as a construction company seated in the region and are concentrating our efforts on the design and construction of manufacturing and logistics facilities.

図版:Kajima-Panattoni JV Lodz Logistic Hub Halls 1 and 2

Kajima-Panattoni JV Lodz Logistic Hub Halls 1 and 2

In every country and region where we have a presence,
Kajima will continue to forge ahead with its overseas construction business
to deepen trust and uphold our legacy of quality and dependability.

History of Real Estate Development Business

North America

Kajima's real estate development business in the North America gained traction when Industrial Development International (IDI), established by Kajima U.S.A. (KUSA) in 1989, began to develop a series of large-scale logistics distribution centers and warehouses throughout the United States. We also developed resorts such as the Hualalai Resort on Hawaii’s big island which opened in 1996 and the stadium for the San Francisco Giants (now known as Oracle Park). Kajima also consults on a for-fee basis providing its real estate development expertise in developing resorts and public amenities.

In 2011, Kajima announced the Skyhouse brand of up-market, high-rise apartment buildings which became very popular particularly in the southeastern United States. In 2018, we acquired Flournoy Development Group, LLC, a company that develops timber-framed apartment buildings, and we intend to continue our endeavors in the area of rental apartment buildings.

IDI was sold in 2013, but Core5, established in 2015, inherited this know-how and established a short-term revolving business model which develops and leases logistics warehouses in the right locations and then sells them to investors.

Interstate West (CORE5)

Interstate West (CORE5)

Southeast Asia and Oceania

Our real estate development business in Asia began in 1978 with our participation in the development of a hotel project in Singapore (currently, Regent Singapore). In the 1990s, we rode the wave of growth in Asia, and launched large-scale urban development projects such as Senayan Square in Indonesia and Millennia Development in Singapore, as well as other development projects in Hong Kong and Thailand.

More recently, we have been making use of our experience in Asian countries and made investments in projects such as the development of Woodleigh housing and commercial complex in Singapore, the Yankin PPP Redevelopment Project in Myanmar, and the “Wink” chain of business hotels in various parts of Vietnam. In addition, we began operations in Australia in 2015 and are engaged in the development of offices and residential apartment buildings.

The GEAR (Kajima Lab for Global Engineering, Architecture & Real Estate)

The GEAR (Kajima Lab for Global Engineering, Architecture & Real Estate)


Our development business in Europe began in 1986 with the development of the London Piccadilly Building project, and in 1988, we began full-scale joint development of office buildings with local developers.

Following on from this, we expanded our geographic coverage with the development of an office building in Germany, the Les Domaines de Saint Endreol Golf & Spa Resort in France and in the year 2000, Kajima ventured into the PFI business in Europe, beginning with DEFRA Cambridge Government Office Building.

Since 2010, we have further expanded our foothold in Europe through the development of logistics warehouses and the student dormitory business.

Stoke-on-Trent Retired Living Development (PFI Business in the U.K.)

Stoke-on-Trent Retired Living Development (PFI Business in the U.K.)

Each regional headquarters and group company will deeply immerse itself
in Europe’s diverse business environments with varying society and cultural values
and remain committed to high value-added developments.

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