Survey Report:The 1995 South Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake Damage Survey

The South Hyogo Prefecture earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.2 and a maximum acceleration of 800 gal, sent a variety of ripples surging through the construction industry. By the middle of February, Kajima was not only involved in the removal of structural debris and renovation work, but was also implementing damage condition surveys, recovery plans, emergency disposal, and surveys and recovery plans for civil engineering structures such as roadways, sea walls and railways, etc.

Our teams of technicians were deployed in affected areas directly after the eart hquake in order to collect status reports on damage. The results of this were co llected into the 1995 South Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake Damage Survey by January 27th, published as a first edition, covering a total of 186 pages, on February 1st, and immediately became a topic for conversation throughout all areas. A por tion of this report is below.

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