From Emergency Recovery to Revival

The number of construction-related requests for aid exceeded 700 by the end of February, and the people in charge of each project are expending every effort in order to handle the situation. The cost of repairs to structures constructed by Kajima since the enactment of the anti-quake standards in 1981 was more than 500 million, and although approximately 200 buildings were affected, none of them received heavy damage.

Work is currently going ahead on the demolition work for the Sumitomo Rubber Industry's Kobe plant and the Sannomiya Kotsu Center Building, and on the renovation work for the Hotel Okura. Both engineering and construction work is also being carried out at high pitch on Kobe Steel's Kobe manufactory in order to resume operations by the April.

Surveys and diagnosis are currently being carried out on the buildings which incurred damage, and the results of this will lead to demolition, strengthening and recovery. The main objective of this work is to reinstate the functions of the city and the functions of the infrastructure in affected areas as quickly as possible. The realization of this will further our stance towards total revival, and Kajima is striving towards this end.

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