Urgent Recovery of the Infrastucture in Full Swing

It is common knowledge that the extent of the damage in the disaster-stricken area involved the collapse of expressway and railway supports, the subsidence of port facilities and other civic engineering structures. Kajima initiated a survey into the extent of this damage and received numerous requests for withdrawal of debris as well as strengthening and restoration of structures, and we pooled our resources to correspond to this.

The work involved here was multi-faceted to say the least, and in addition to working day and night on the demolition and clearing up of debris from the collapsed Hanshin Expressway, strengthening Shinkansen lines and restoring the Chugoku Jukan Roadway, we also expended all of our energy in areas too numerous to mention, including damage surveys of all supports along the length of the Hanshin Expressway, support strengthening on the western side of Minatogawa, emergency repairs and damage surveys of all railway lines, such as the JR Tokaido main line, the Hankyu Electric Railway, the Hanshin Electric Railway, the Sanyo Electric Railway and the Kobe Express Railway, etc., and various port facilities, such as the City of Kobe Harbor Office and public pier corporations, etc, and the recovery planning of the energy-related infrastructure.

We are all eagerly awaiting the day when these facilities, which represent the pre-requisite functions of the Hanshin area's recovery, are returned to normal. The pace of this work will accelerate in accordance with priorities to put us on the track to real recovery.

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