Kansai Airport Opens on Giant Man-Made Island in Osaka Bay

Over a decade of planning, civil engineering and construction efforts came to fruition last September when Japan's newest international airport opened for business. Situated on a sprawling man-made island in Osaka Bay, Kansai International Airport services Japan's second largest metropolitan center, offering flights to and from international destinations in Asia, North America, Europe and elsewhere, as well as domestic connections with cities throughout Japan, Its 3,500m-long runway is able to accommodate 160,000 takeoffs and landings per year, and once the planned second and third runways are completed annual flight capacity will increase to 260,000. Specifically located and oriented so as to minimize noise pollution, it is the nation's first and only airport to offer round-the-clock service.
A 3,750m-long double-decker bridge links the airport island to the mainland, with the lower level carrying twin rail lines and the upper deck two three-lane roadways. In addition to convenient road and rail access Osaka Station is just 45 minutes away by train high-speed ferry service is available from Osaka, Kobe and Awajj Island. The gleaming steel- and glass-clad terminal complex, designed by an international joint venture headed by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, has drawn widespread acclaim and is already considered one of Japan's modern architectural landmarks.

All photos are reprinted from KAJIMA Monthly News Letter.

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