What's new 1998

We added "KAJIMA News & Notes vol.7" in Topics.
Main article is "Stadium Construction for the 2002 World Cup Soccer Games".

We added "KAJIMA DESIGN NEWSLETTER vol.5" in Topics.
"The Challenge to Change; Toward the Creation of a Better Living Environment (Part 2),"This issue focuses on our continued effort in exploring various issues that surface in times of rapid changes, and how these endeavors are beginning to bear fruit in a number of our new projects.

"Financial Results" in Corporate Profile is updated. Non-Consolidated Financial Results for the first half of 102nd Financial Year(from April 1,1998 to September 30, 1998)are available here.

"Annual Report 1998"(For the year ended March,31,1998) is now available in the page of "Corporate Profile".

"Technical Information" in KaTRI ( Kajima Technical Research Institute ) has newly included "KaTRI leaflet" .

We added "KAJIMA News & Notes vol.6" in Topics.
Main article is "The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge - The World's Longest Suspension Bridge".

We have a new page Contracting Worldwide an overview of our overseas contracting operations. You can also find out which of our overseas offices carry the ISO9000 certificate by looking into our Global Network.

Financial Results are updated. Non-conolidated and Consolidated Financial Results for the year ended March 31, 1998 are available here.

We introduce Kajima's Computer Graphics Studio in University of Utah. This studio in the University of Utah is established by Kajima Corporation in order to conduct the joint research project on computer graphics with the Graduate School of Architecture University of Utah.

We added "KAJIMA DESIGN NEWSLETTER vol.4" in Topics.
Main thema is "The CHALLENGE to CHANGE".

"WORLDWIDE REAL ESTATE Information" in Corporate Profile is updated. Jakarta's new landmark "Senayan Square Project" is listed now.

We added "KAJIMA News & Notes vol.5" in Topics.
Main article is "Stockley Park on the Outskirts of London".

The result of second(final) screening of 5th Kajima Sculpture Contest is added in the page of "Cyber Gallery".

We have just provided with a page for our Annual Report 1997. In September 1997, Kajima was selected again as one of "the outstanding companies with regard to information disclosure election by the research analysts" in the 3rd annual selection event sponsored by the Japan Security Analysts Association. A positive attitude of top executives toward investor relations (IR) as well as substantial information together with other IR activities were highly evaluated and, as a result, Kajima gained this honorable top position in the construction industry for three consecutive years.

"Technical Information" page of KaTRI ( Kajima Technical Research Institute ) Home Page has newly included "KaTRI Annual Reports" page, which introduces the abstracts of 1997 treatises on new technologies developed by KaTRI.

We added PDF data concerned with "KAJIMA News & Notes" in Topics.
Please appreciate the high quality of the reproduced documents.

We added "KAJIMA News & Notes vol.4" in Topics.
Main article is "Major Restructuring of Tokyo Station".

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