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Preliminary Screening

The preliminary screening based on maquette was held on Monday September 4, and eight (8) selected works as prize nominees and thirty-six (36) as maquette winning were chosen from a total of 201 entries.

The applicants producing those selected works ranged in age from their 20s to 60s and were by relatively young and creative artists. The works selected were conscious of the competition's aim of creating a new space where indoor sculpture and architectural space meet, and actively intervened with architectural elements, and the actual works are expected to be of a high level of perfection. There was a wide variety of materials and works with new expressions that evoke the changes of the times were also noticeable. Two of the eight winners had been selected in the past, and it was interesting to see the competition for the prize between them and other six winners who were selected for the first time.

In addition, one person from abroad (Poland) was selected for this year's competition.

The eight winners now begin to work on their actual works in preparation for the second round of judging, which is scheduled to take place from late February to early March 2024.


Selected Works

Name Residence Origin Title
Kazuyuki Hashimoto Ibaraki Kanagawa Voice of the Woods
Hiroyuki Nishimura Kanagawa Osaka SCULPFURNITURE
(bookshelf for all)
Yoshitaka Sato Kanagawa Hyogo Where to put the roof
Masako Jin Kanagawa Nara DISSONANCE
Keisuke Matsuoka Miyagi Miyagi memento mori - iris -
Gaku Hayashi Tokyo Tokyo Night veil
Karolina Konieczny Poland Poland Curlicue
Rin Shoko Chiba Chiba Wise Forest