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Preliminary Screening

The preliminary screening was held on Friday, September 3, where eight(8) works were selected as prize nominees, and other thirty six(36) works were chosen as selected models, from the total 182 maquettes entries.

The applicants producing those selected maquettes are widely ranged from their 40th to 70th. Themes and representations of their works have a lot of diversity, and some of the works stand out to make us feel changing the times by their varieties of materials.

Five out of the eight successful entrants had been selected as the same in the past, and it will be interesting to see the competition how three newly successful entrants fare against the five past successful entrants.

The eight prize nominees are asked to produce actual works for the secondary screening, which is scheduled to be held at the end of February 2022.


Selected Works

Name Residence Origin Title
Tarou Kitagawa Hyogo Hyogo Wind scenery
Ikuo Watanabe Hokkaido Hokkaido Float in time
Takeharu Nakabayashi Kanagawa Kanagawa Crossing lights
Kentaro Okada Kanagawa Okayama Moon and water vein, underground
Sakura Asano Gifu Gifu Blowin' in the Wind
Kaoru Ishihara Osaka Osaka Untraceable Figure
Hisaya Mochizuki Ibaraki Tokyo Into The Air
Gentatsu Seki Tokyo Tokyo Space-time flow