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Preliminary Screening

  1. Rules for work

    • Maquettes should be a good representation of the actual work and must fit into a cubic box of 50 cm on each side, and must be no heavier than 40kg,(including pedestal).Drawings may be attached if necessary.
    • Maquettes will be refused if it is determined that they would be impossible to display due to carriage or installation required before being displayed or if they require special equipment, etc.
    • Any motif and materials are acceptable, but works must be unpublished. Works giving off unpleasant odors, those that have hygienic problems, are structurally problematic or consist of hazardous materials will not be accepted.
  2. Work installation rules

    • Complete the Information Form and be sure to submit it in time to reach us no later than August 13 (Fri.), 2021, Japan Standard Time, together with a photograph of the maquette (in JPEG format, up to 2MB).
    • Attach the Work Slip to the maquette when it is submitted.
    • Deliver the maquette to the Kajima KI Building between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm on August 20 (Fri.) through August 22 (Sun.), 2021, Japan Standard Time. The maquette from overseas countries must be arrived at the Kajima KI Building until August 19 (Thu.), 2021, Japan Standard Time. In addition, be sure to strictly observe the deadline when having the maquette delivered by delivery services.
    • Expenses for delivering the maquette (including packing charges, transportation fees and insurance premiums) must be borne by each applicant.
    • The maquette must be unpacked by the applicant or his or her representative. Any unpacked deliveries will be unpacked by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., a professional service entrusted by Kajima Corporation.
  3. Work removal rules

    • Expenses for removing work that are not selected in the Preliminary Screening must be borne by each relevant applicant.
    • Enter the maquette removal method in the designated column on the Information Form.
    • Removal by the applicant or his or her representative must be carried out between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm on September 18 (Sat.) through September 19 (Sun.), 2021, Japan Standard Time.
      *Schedule of collecting maquettes that are not selected in the preliminary screening has been changed.
    • When work removal is entrusted to a delivery service, expenses for packing charges, transportation fees and insurance premiums (¥100,000, included in C.O.D.) must be borne by the relevant applicant and settled by collect payment. In such cases, removal must be entrusted to Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
      For packing, the materials used in delivery will be used in principle but, when reuse is determined to be difficult, new material will be used, for which the applicant will be charged.
    • The sponsor shall not be held responsible for the handling of maquettes that are not removed during the above period. Such maquettes will be disposed of by the sponsor.
    • The sponsors will assume the valuation for the maquette at ¥100,000 or less.
  4. Rules for screening

    • 44 or less maquettes will be selected in the preliminary screening. And successful entrants (not exceeding 8 in total) asked to produce actual works for the secondary screening will be notified no later than September 10 (Fri.), 2021.
    • Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified and such applicants must remove their maquettes during the period noted above.
  5. Rules for storing selected maquettes

    • Selected maquettes will be handled by the sponsor until the end of the display period (end of May, 2022).
  6. Notes to Overseas Entrants

    • Maquettes sent from overseas must arrive at Kajima KI Building no later than August 19 (Thu.), 2021.
    • Maquettes sent from overseas should be marked "model." If the import tax and the custom clearance fees are specified to be borne by the sponsors, the sponsors will not accept the delivered maquette.
    • Maquettes from overseas will not be returned after judging and will be discarded by the sponsors./li>
    • If an overseas entrant wants to have his/her maquette returned, "Delivered at entrant's expense" should be selected from the items concerning delivery on the Registration Form. In this case, the sponsors will provide information on the delivery cost (packing, freight and insurance) by e-mail. In returning the maquette, Japan Post’s Express Mail Service (EMS) will be used in principle, but when EMS cannot be used, information on alternative delivery methods will be provided to the entrant by e-mail.
  7. Other

    • Any unspecified items in each of the above rules shall be discussed, if necessary, between the sponsor and each applicant and subsequently determined by the sponsor.
    • The sponsor is obliged to keep submitted works of art in custody, but is not responsible for damage to works because of material or structural defects, nor for any other damage due to force majeure.