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Secondary Screening

  1. Rules for work

    • Actual works should have dimensions no larger than 180 x 160 x 90 cm, be no heavier than 1,000 kg and be based on the maquettes or drawings submitted for the preliminary screening. Works that do not conform to the rules for producing actual works will not be accepted.(The size and dimensions should be strictlyobserved.)
    • Works will be refused if it is determined that they would be impossible to display due to carriage or installation required before being displayed or if they require special equipment, etc.
    • The intention for production (maximum of 100 words) and photographic data (upper half) must also be submitted. The intention for production and the photographic data will be compiled in the Sculptural Work Collection to provide a profile of each selected entrant.
    • Actual work will be judged as installed in the KI Building atrium.
  2. Rules for granting production subsidy

    • A production subsidy of 500,000 yen will be granted to each entrant selected in the Preliminary Screening. The production subsidy must, however, be immediately refunded if entry becomes impossible due to a reason for which the relevant selected entrant is to blame or when the actual work is significantly different from its maquette.
  3. Work installation rules

    • Deliver the actual work to the Kajima KI Building between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm on February 12 (Sat.), 2022, Japan Standard Time. In addition, be sure to strictly observe the deadline when having the maquette delivered by delivery services.
    • Expenses for delivering the actual work (including packing charges, transportation fees and insurance premiums) must be borne by each selected entrant.
    • The actual work must be unpacked and installed by the relevant selected entrant or a relevant third party entrusted by the entrant at his or her own responsibility.
    • For further information about work pedestals, lighting and other installations, consult the Executive Committee for the KAJIMA SCULPTURE COMPETITION no later than one month before delivery.
  4. Work removal rules

    • Expenses for removing the actual work must be borne by each selected entrant.
    • Remove the actual work between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm on March 26 (Sat.), 2022, Japan Standard Time. at the end of the display period.
    • The sponsor will return any actual works that are not removed during the above period to the relevant selected entrant by collect delivery. The sponsor shall not be held responsible for any damage incurred due to such return delivery.
  5. Rules for screening

    • Prize-winning works will be selected at the Secondary Screening and successful entrants will be notified no later than March 1 (Tue.), 2022.
  6. Work display rules

    • Prize-winning and selected works, as well as selected maquettes, will be displayed at the Atrium in Kajima KI Building.
    • The period the works will be displayed to the public is from March 5 (Sat.) to March 25 (Fri.), 2022 (Sundays and National holidays are included). Prize-winning sculptures will remain on display until the next KAJIMA SCULPTURE COMPETITION is held.
  7. Other

    • Any unspecified items in each of the above rules shall be discussed, if necessary, between the sponsor and each applicant and subsequently determined by the sponsor.
    • The sponsor is obliged to keep submitted works of art in custody, but is not responsible for damage to works because of material or structural defects, nor for any other damage due to force majeure.