October, 2018
10th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium, Singapore/ISRM (ARMS) Outstanding Paper Award

【Young Scientists and Engineers Oral Category】
Interface Behaviour Between the Rock Bolt & Bond Material

Yasuhiro YOKOTA
Nanyang Technological University (Kajima Technical Research Institute)

【General Poster Category】
A Rapid Image Analyzing Method for Determining Crack Distribution and Interval on Tunnel Faces

Hayato TOBE, Suguru SHIRASAGI, Junichi, KAWABATA, Yasuyuki MIYAJIMA
Kajima Technical Research Institute

イメージ:Award ceremony at ARMS10

Award ceremony at ARMS10

October, 2016
9th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium, Bali/ISRM (ARMS) Outstanding Paper Award

【General Oral Category】
Real-time Monitoring of Tunnel Face Extrusion for Ground Control

Kensuke DATE, Kajima Technical Research Institute Singapore

September, 2016
Tunnelling and Underground Construction Society (Singapore)/Hulme Prize Awards

【2016 Winners/First Prize】
Evaluation of Geological Conditions Ahead of a Tunnel Face Using Seismic Tomography Between a Tunnel and Ground Surface

Yasuhiro YOKOTA, Takuji YAMAMOTO, Keisuke KURIHARA, Yasuyuki MIYAJIMA & Tomoaki MATSUSHITA
Kajima Technical Research Institute

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