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Image:Takaharu Fukuda

Toshihiko Riho
Managing Executive Officer, Kajima Corporation
Director, Kajima Technical Research Institute

Kajima Corporation has been contributing to the development of industry and the economy through construction projects under the slogan of the “Enterprising Spirit” since its foundation in 1840. Today, the Kajima Group consists of 92 domestic companies and 142 overseas companies, and has the greatest integrated advantage that allows professionals with highly sophisticated knowledge and know-how in all phases of the construction business, including planning, development, designing, engineering, construction, and operation, management, maintenance and repair after completion.

Kajima Technical Research Institute (KaTRI) has been supporting the technology base of the entire Kajima Group. Since KaTRI was established in 1949, all its researchers have been collaborating to develop Japan’s first structures and infrastructures, such as skyscrapers, long bridges and deep tunnels looking ahead to the future. We are proud of the achievements of our predecessors.

In September 2013, we established Kajima Technical Research Institute Singapore (KaTRIS) in Singapore, where information on the world’s state-of-the-art technologies is accumulating. KaTRIS aims to contribute to society through our projects by introducing excellent global technologies in addition to disseminating the technologies that Kajima has developed to other countries all over the world. We have long been addressing global issues including environment, energy and the various problems faced by each country through joint research with universities and companies and by collaborating with local engineers through the exchange of human resources.

The construction industry has reached a turning point because of worldwide efforts on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and innovation in ICT epitomized by AI and IoT. We will continue to promote open innovation in collaboration with research institutes and different industrial fields around the world and improve our technologies by making concerted efforts as the Kajima Group, thus offering invaluable construction and services to diversifying society and our clients.


Image:Dr. Yuichi Takemasa

Dr. Yuichi Takemasa
General Manager
Kajima Technical Research Institute Singapore (KaTRIS)
Kajima Corporation

The world is facing many social challenges, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), digital transformation (DX), demand for smart buildings and cities, low-carbon/recycling-oriented societies, disaster prevention against earthquakes and extreme weather conditions associated with climate change, ageing society, improvement of construction productivity, and so forth. In addition, the recent COVID-19 pandemic poses new challenges and will drastically change society in the future.

As a global hub for R&D of the Kajima Group, Kajima Technical Research Institute Singapore (KaTRIS) not only promotes Kajima’s technology but also proposes solutions to create new values for buildings and infrastructures. We undertake advanced R&D to cope with these social challenges and provide our clients with advanced consulting matched to regional needs and global trends.

Based in Singapore, an ideal place for its openness to advanced technology, we are keen to facilitate open innovation with government agencies, universities, private companies, and start-ups to make the world a better place. Moreover, KaTRIS is seeking to expand our activities to South-east Asian countries and beyond including Australia, Europe, and the United States.

KaTRIS consists of researchers with a wide range of technical fields as well as staffs with knowledge of marketing and strategic planning. We are committed to applying our expertise to tackle various technical challenges with people around the world. We believe in the potential of technology that creates a better future by promoting health, wellness, safety, quality, and low environmental impact. We look forward to collaborating with researchers, government officials, and industry partners who share the same values, thereby contributing to the development of society in the future.



Kajima Technical Research Institute Singapore (KaTRIS)
80 Marine Parade Road, #08-08
Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269
September 1, 2013


Major activities

Technology marketing and advanced technology search

KaTRIS collects and assesses market needs and technology seeds, establishes networks of human resources with government agencies and universities, and promotes our own technologies developed and accumulated in the upstream of the construction business for Singapore, Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries and other parts of the world.
KaTRIS is keen to refine its technologies in Singapore, which is one of the world's leading hubs of advanced technologies, by identifying and introducing state-of-the-art technologies in diverse industries including start-ups.

Image:Joint Workshop with NUS

Joint Workshop with NUS

R&D to meet global and local needs

Besides such worldwide social issues as environment and energy, every country has its own diverse issues to address. Singapore needs technology to improve productivity and enhance sustainability with implementing advanced ICT, while other Southeast Asian countries need technology to improve infrastructure and secure quality.
KaTRIS invests large resources in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to respond to these needs and carries out R&D while actively encouraging open innovation with universities, research institutes, and international companies in the region.

Image:NUS SDE4, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore completed in

NUS SDE4, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore completed in 2018

Consulting on advanced technologies

KaTRIS offers technology consulting to developers as well as design and engineering companies in the Asia-Pacific(APAC) region. We aim to contribute to society in every country in the region through construction projects by leveraging the technologies accumulated in Japan for the past 70 years, joint research with local universities and research institutes, and the know-how and experience of providing technology support to the Kajima Group.

Image:Operation of falling-ball inspection in Thailand

Operation of falling-ball inspection in Indonesia


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