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We have engaged in a broad range of social infrastructure development projects, including domestic and overseas transportation systems and energy facilities. These efforts help bring people safe and secure lives, and they facilitate national and regional development. To solve issues faced by the construction industry regarding social needs and construction personnel shortages, we promote innovative technological development based on our capabilities that we have cultivated through a wealth of experience and achievements. We work to improve productivity, streamline construction procedures, and ensure safety, thereby aiming to make civil engineering more attractive.

Design and Construction

We have worked in many different construction projects, ranging from Japan's first skyscraper to offices, apartment buildings, museums, sports facilities, and schools. We have earned trust through our comprehensive strengths backed by design, construction, and technological capabilities. Going forward, as a technology-oriented company, we will continue to respond to diverse and ever-advancing demands, such as extending the lifespan of buildings, conserving energy, and using less resources, thereby helping to develop sustainable and vibrant cities.

Development Projects

Our development business started with the redevelopment of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles in the 1960s. We have worked on all kinds of projects, ranging from large-scale development work on suburban new towns and city centers, to the largest commercial complex in Asia, as well as offices, hotels and other resort facilities, warehouses, and ballparks. In our work, we make full use of the characteristics of the cities and regions. We will continue in our efforts to build a sustainable world by bringing the Kajima Group's comprehensive strengths to realize a high level of quality and added value.

Ever since we established the industry's first technical research institute in 1949, we have continually engaged in research and development in many fields with a forward-facing outlook, including skyscrapers, nuclear power plants, long span bridges, and deep underground tunnels. With a pioneer spirit and challenger mindset cultivated and passed down throughout our history, we will continue to expand horizons for the future by confronting various social and environmental issues, such as climate change, large-scale disasters, and pandemics.


Our engineering department offers specialized technologies and services for production and R&D facilities, logistic facilities, plant factories, cell culture facilities, and other applications that demand high performance in the fields of medicine, food, and cosmetics. We can provide domestic and overseas customers with comprehensive services to plan, design, construct, power, maintain, and manage complete production facilities, including production equipment, logistic facilities, and water treatment technologies.


We aim to reduce the environmental impact that construction business brings by engaging in the development and maintenance of social infrastructure using a broad range of technologies related to zero energy bildings(ZEB), green infrastructure, soil and underground water remediation, water and sewer treatment facilities, and final disposal sites as well as wind power generators, other renewable energy facilities, biomass utilization, and waste reduction. Using these technologies, we will work on a continuous basis to help create a sustainable society.

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