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[ June 11, 2019 ]

Unauthorized and illegal recruitment in India (3)


We have been calling attention to the illegal recruitment of Indian workers by using the name of Kajima Corporation / Kajima Overseas, Singapore by the NOTICE “Unauthorized and illegal recruitment in India” on June 12, 2015 and “Unauthorized and illegal recruitment in India (2)” on March 31, 2017, respectively on our English HP.

This illegal activity seems to continue on and off as we still have enquiries from persons who receive a forged job offer. We have already reported this case to the police station in India since the case started, and a police investigation is still ongoing with no specific results.

Please be reminded that we, Kajima Corporation, have no plans to recruit workers/employees from India and have not authorized or appointed any person or entity to do so. If you encounter any suspicious mail, advertisements or persons in India who offer jobs at Kajima Corporation, please contact your local police.

We will not accept liability for any losses or damages that may be suffered or incurred directly or indirectly through correspondence with fraudulent individuals or recruitment agencies and such communication should not be treated as an offer from or a representation of us.

Kajima India Pvt. Ltd. lodged a police complaint (FIR No. 79/2015) against fraudulent recruiters at Police Station Amar Colony, New Delhi and police are conducting investigations into this fraudulent activity. Additionally, Kajima India Pvt. Ltd. received information from victims of the scam by e-mail and lodged police complaints at Gurgaon, Haryana vide complaint number (154-5P dated 1-Mar-17) and Mohali/Chandigarh Punjab vide complaint number (247 dated 22-Mar-17). The respective local police station is still conducting an ongoing investigation on this fraudulent activity. Please kindly report your case to your local police station. Thank you.

Home > News > Unauthorized and illegal recruitment in India (3)

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