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Message from the President

photo: Hiromasa Amano President and Representative Director
Hiromasa Amano President and Representative Director Kajima Corporation

Responding to social issues and needs, we aim to be a company that is trusted by society and our customers

Over the more than 180 years since we went into business in 1840, our management philosophy has always been: “As a group of individuals working together as one, we pursue creative progress and development founded on both rational, scientific principles and a humanitarian outlook, through which we strive to continually advance our business operations and contribute to society.”

Kajima’s “enterprising spirit” is what drives us to take on the big challenges. We have worked on pioneering projects across the generations, including the country’s first skyscraper and many different national development projects in areas such as social infrastructure. We are proud of the contributions we have made to the industrial and economic development of Japan.

Today, we are implementing a new Kajima Group Medium-Term Business Plan (FY2021-2023). We see a number of constantly changing factors in the external environment that require attention and effort during these three years. Among these are the growing intensity of natural disasters, the movement toward carbon neutrality, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Issues like these are making it increasingly difficult to foresee the future. To address this situation, we have crafted this new plan by envisioning the roles the Kajima Group should play and the kind of corporate group we wish to be in the world, as well as specific initiatives to achieve those goals.

We are moving forward steadily with our various plans, and will pursue growth for the Kajima Group by helping to build a globally oriented, sustainable world and earn the constant trust of our customers.

As we pursue these endeavors, we hope for your continued support.

Home > Corporate Profile > Message from the President

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