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Social Contribution Activities

Kajima conducts social contribution activities that leverage the technologies, experience, personnel, and networks we have cultivated in our businesses.
Our activities contribute in areas including recovery and disaster preparedness, community support, environmental preservation, education for the next generation, and promotion of academia, culture, and art through foundations. We also support volunteer activities by employees.

Disaster preparedness and recovery

Kajima conducts disaster prevention activities on a regular basis that leverage our technologies and experience. In the event of a disaster, we will commit ourselves to social infrastructure recovery activities in cooperation with relevant parties.

Community support

Kajima strives to build and maintain good relationships with local communities and seeks to coexist in harmony with them.

Environmental preservation

Kajima minimizes the environmental impact from carrying out business, and we conduct activities for environmental preservation and for raising awareness by leveraging our technologies.

Education for the next generation

Kajima creates opportunities for young people to look into the Kajima Group's many different jobs in construction and other areas with a focus on education for the next generation that will carry the future.

As a construction company that helps build communities and society, Kajima develops learning materials themed on realistic social issues in order to aid classes under a category named "Period for Inquiry-Based Cross-Disciplinary Study" in high schools. We offer free visual learning materials and workbooks to foster problem-solving skills.

Kajima holds construction site tours for elementary and junior high school students on summer vacation, across Japan.

For children who are curious to know more about Kajima and the construction industry, Kajima introduces them to the processes and sites for building construction as well as the different forms of life that they can find around their houses.

Promotion of academia, culture, and art

Kajima contributes to promoting academic, cultural, and art activities through our foundations and by passing down local traditional events and culture.

Kajima has promoted academic, cultural, and art activities through five foundations. Please see the next page for more details about each foundation.

Hosted by Kajima and sponsored by the Kajima Foundation for the Arts and the Kajima Foundation, this competition has been held every other year under the theme of Sculpture, Architecture & Space, with the aim of creating spaces where sculpture and architecture “speak to each other”.

Hosted by Kajima Institute Publishing, this architectural competition allows architects to showcase drawings and models that reflect their thought processes for forming clear concepts within the stern conditions of building something concrete in reality.

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