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Engineering Services

Kajima provides engineering for the all phases or on a phase-by-phase basis.

Kajima provides the client with consistent support from the project planning stage right through to the facility construction and operation stages by making the best use of advanced technology in the fields of process engineering, material handling, information system, industrial engineering, water treatment.

As the issues our customers face become more complex and difficult, it is necessary to create a new value through the integration of a wide range of technology and expertise.

The Engineering Division is dedicated to working mainly with the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics facilities and will be committed to providing our clientele in Southeast Asia with the best possible engineering services.


News & Topics

March 29, 2018
Kajima exhibited at the "Biologics Manufacturing Asia 2018" convention in Singapore

Kajima ran a booth at the "Biologics Manufacturing Asia 2018" convention in Singapore. The convention was held at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre from January 30 to February 1, and attended by lots of industry stakeholders from leading pharmaceutical companies across Europe, the USA, Asia, and Japan.

At the event, Kajima introduced its biopharmaceutical-related technologies including the modular facility system, which integrates Kajima's various cutting-edge technologies in the fields of process equipment, utilities, and HVAC systems, and delivered an official seminar presentation as well.

Kajima thus received the "Best Bioprocessing Supplier Award: Engineering & Facility Design" as an engineering company contributing to the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Best Bioprocessing Supplier Award: Engineering & Facility Design

Best Bioprocessing Supplier Award: Engineering & Facility Design

January 26, 2018
Kajima reinforces engineering services in Asia

On January 2, 2018, Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd (KOA), the local Asian subsidiary of Kajima Corporation, acquired the majority of outstanding shares of International Facility Engineering Pte. Ltd. (IFE), an engineering company in Singapore.

IFE was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Singapore, from which it provides design and EPCM* services for manufacturing facilities throughout the Asian region, including Malaysia, China, Thailand and Myanmar, in addition to Singapore. The company specializes in the engineering needs for the manufacturing facilities of enterprises utilizing advanced technologies such as pharmaceutical products, semiconductors and electric/electronic devices.

The Engineering Division of Kajima Corporation has assigned specialized staff in Singapore and has been involved in marketing activities to strengthening its engineering business in the Asian region since 2014.

From now on, the corporate group will promptly establish a cooperative system that provides the clients with high-quality engineering services in the fields such as pharmaceutical and food products.

*EPCM:Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management



Providing Optimum Solutions to our Clients

Providing Optimum Solutions to our Clients

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics Facilities

Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetics Facilities

Our engineering prowess contributes to realizing the ideal facilities for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics production needs.
Kajima collaborates closely with the client to create an optimal system that ensures efficient project management where all requirements for the production facilities are met during the construction process.

Material Handling/Automation

Material Handling/Automation

Automation systems contribute to realizing labor savings in production processes, preventing mistaken operations, improving conveyance/warehousing processes, and preventing employee exposure to hazardous substances, etc.

Advanced Laboratory for Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals

Advanced Laboratory for Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals

The center of "National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Hokkaido" that we designed and constructed in 2007 is "closed-type genetically modified plant laboratory". Because it has a special feature to extract the active substance which is a raw material of pharmaceuticals from genetically modified plants, it was a new challenge as advanced technical skills are required. This new challenge significantly brought our engineering skills to higher level.


Our expertise

Kajima Original Modularization Technologies

The Engineering Division of Kajima Corporation developed the advanced modularization technologies specialized in the construction and renewal of biopharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing facilities.

Kajima utilizes various modularization technologies to realize the construction of facilities that operate with enhanced flexibility, promote and ensure quality assurance and shorten the time required to build biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Once built, these facilities are capable of flexibly and quickly responding to various needs, such as manufacturing room expansion, downsizing, changing/moving partitions, etc. that accompany increasing product capacity, product switching and more.

Benefits of Introduction

Image of biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility utilizing modularization technologies

Image of biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility utilizing modularization technologies

IE (Industrial Engineering)

IE methods are utilized to provide efficient production and logistics facilities. These methods can also be applied to ensure the best possible results when renovating existing facilities.

Layout analysis (correlated activities diagram)

Layout analysis (correlated activities diagram)

Hazard Prevention Measures

Simultaneously utilizing building construction measures such as defined zoning, flow planning and room pressure control together with measures for production machinery, cross-contamination and hazardous substance contamination can be prevented. Cutting-edge technologies for containing highly active substances are also incorporated.

Actual containment example

Actual containment example

Water Treatment Technology

Strict management is required in the construction of the system utilized to supply water for pharmaceutical products and to treat wastewater from pharmaceutical production processes. Semi-closed water systems that contribute significantly to reducing water supply and discharge processes help to reduce production cost.

Continuous bio-waste decontamination system

Continuous bio-waste decontamination system


Project Flow (EPC)

Master Planning

Kajima's extensive know-how and advanced engineering tools provide strong support for client requirements and requests beginning from the planning phase.


Kajima creates facility plans that focus on total optimization in response to specific requirements.


Kajima's cutting-edge technologies and vast network contribute to resolving problems that arise during a project.


Kajima's extensive overseas procurement network works to ensure the close management of quality, cost and scheduling.


Kajima's careful management of construction and production systems ensures that the highest levels of quality and safety are achieved while minimizing the construction period.


Kajima provides support in all areas to ensure smooth facility start-up, from quality assurance after test operation and validation, maintaining standard operating procedures and implementing sanitation systems to the manufacturing double-blind trial stage.

Operation and Maintenance

Even after handing over the project, Kajima assists factory operations by providing diversified after-construction services such as machine operator training and other activities related to production including line changes/renovations and extensions.

EP/CM Services

Kajima provides comprehensive services in the form of an engineering, procurement and construction management (EP/CM)contract.

Under the EP/CM contract, Kajima participates in projects as an owner consultant on a fee basis. We will develop basic facility plans, support the owner when selecting the design firm and contractors, and provide construction management services.


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