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Named on the Leaderboard (Highest Rating) of the CDP Supplier Engagement Evaluation

On February 10, 2022, following last year, Kajima has been selected for the Leaderboard, the top-rank designation in the CDP Supplier Engagement Evaluation (SER) by CDP (headquartered in London, UK), a nonprofit organization committed to environmental investigations and information disclosure.

In May 2021, we revised the Kajima Environmental Vision:Triple Zero 2050 and set new CO2 emission targets of a 50% decrease by fiscal 2030 and a 100% decrease (carbon neutrality) by fiscal 2050, both compared to fiscal 2013. Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality, we actively promote the reduction of CO2 emissions during construction, and pursue the spread and expansion of energy-saving designs and zero energy buildings (ZEB). We have also been developing and introducing low-carbon construction materials in collaboration with construction material manufacturers.


In addition, we have formulated the Kajima Group Conduct Guidelines for Business Partners that establishes and promotes policies on compliance with laws and regulations, respect for human rights, ensuring quality, consideration for the environment, including climate change issues, such as requesting that partner companies suppress greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. Based on these guidelines, we are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain.

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