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Stakeholder Engagement

Kajima maintains dialogue with its stakeholders to earn their appreciation and trust, as well as to contribute to the Company’s sustainable growth and the medium-to-long-term improvement of corporate value.


The duty of the construction business is to work together with customers to build structures that address their needs. Therefore, we strive to understand their true needs through dialogue.
We build relationships of trust through long-term communication with customers from planning, development, design, engineering and construction, to post-construction operation, management, maintenance and repair. We strive to offer the best construction services based on ongoing dialogue.
Furthermore, we recognize the importance of using our wide-ranging network to connect customers in order to help solve their issues.


Based on relationships of trust built through fair transactions, we share our awareness of issues such as the decline in skilled workers, securing of human resources, and health and safety with partner companies working at our construction sites, and cooperate with them to solve these issues.
Centered on the Kajima Business Partners’ Association, we have established forums in which top management and general managers of local branches in each region periodically exchange opinions with partner companies.


We consider reflecting the opinions of the Group’s diverse employees in Japan and overseas in management and sharing the medium-to-long-term direction of the Company with employees to be crucial factors for achieving sustainable growth. Accordingly, we hold panel discussions between management and employee associations twice a year. Also, the President visits construction sites in Japan and overseas to exchange opinions with employees. In these and other ways, we ensure thorough communication with Group employees.

Local Communities

The construction and real estate development businesses are directly connected to local communities. Therefore, we work to establish roots in each country and region where we operate, and to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the economy.
In addition to contributing through regular business, we believe that it is the mission of the construction industry to respond to disasters in such ways as providing support when they occur, based on advance arrangements with governmental agencies, and conducting emergency restoration through the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors.
Our initiatives also include educating the next generation, such as through annual construction site tours for local elementary and junior high school students.

Stockholders and Investors

We have set forth our Policy on Constructive Dialogue with Stockholders, and actively disclose information. In addition, we work to promote constructive dialogue through the Ordinary Stockholders’ Meeting, earnings briefings, construction site tours, one-on-one meetings and other means.
The opinions received from stockholders and investors through dialogue are reported to the Board of Directors and the Management Committee in a periodic, timely and appropriate manner, and are reflected in improvements to management and IR activities.

Main IR Activities in FY2021

Activity Times conducted Description
Briefings for analysts
and institutional investors
4 Earnings briefings with the President were held at the end of the second quarter and the fiscal year. IR teleconference briefings were held at the end of the first and third quarters.
One-on-one dialogue
with analysts and
institutional investors
184 Led by the IR Department, created opportunities for one-on-one dialogue with analysts and institutional investors
Release of documents
via IR website
Released earnings briefing documents, Fact Book, quarterly earnings reports, and data on contract awards via the Investor Relations section of Kajima’s corporate website:

Home > Sustainability > Stakeholder Engagement

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