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SEQ Policy

Established in April 2003

Revised in April 2013*

SEQ Policy (common to the three areas of safety and health, the environment and quality assurance)

Safety and health, environmental management and quality assurance are fundamental to construction activities and corporate survival.

By establishing and continuously improving management systems to comply with relevant laws, ordinances and other social requirements, Kajima works to conduct efficient construction activities while earning the trust of clients and society.

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Safety and Health Policy

Safety is the barometer of a company’s capabilities and ethics. Kajima therefore collaborate with partner companies with strong management to eliminate construction-related accidents and injuries so it can maintain public trust in the construction industry while pursuing sustainable corporate progress.

  1. We work to prevent accidents and incidents stemming from human error by focusing on the workplace, equipment, and site conditions and by using point-call-and-response practices as routine workplace procedures.
  2. We strive to create safe and comfortable working environments by facilitating close communication between Kajima and partner companies and by ensuring close coordination between people, machinery, and equipment.

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Environmental Policy *

Kajima, as the company “Building for the Next 100 Years,” pursues a unique long-term environmental vision, doing its part in the broader social efforts to preserve the environment and ensure economic sustainability.

  1. We work to reduce the environmental impact of our business and take into consideration the entire lifecycle of the structures we construct. We thereby seek to help build societies which use materials responsibly, have a low carbon footprint, and harmonize with nature.
  2. As a standard for achieving these goals, Kajima:
    • Creates innovative technologies that help safeguard the environment and use resources sustainably;
    • Engages in construction management processes to prevent environmental damage caused by hazardous materials used in construction projects; and
    • Cooperates with the public, including by proactively disclosing information.

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Quality Assurance Policy

Kajima provides products and services that satisfy clients, from marketing to follow-up services, allowing them to place orders with a sense of reassurance and trust.

  1. We ensure product quality by heeding and addressing client requirements and responding while thoroughly implementing the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.
  2. We enhance research and development and plan ways to improve quality and increase operational efficiency.

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