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Social Contribution Topics

"Power to Create a Century": Exploratory Learning Materials Developed by Kajima for High Schools Across Japan

  • Education for the next generation

Kajima has developed learning materials called "Power to Create a Century" to bring exploratory learning to high school students. We provide these materials free of charge to any willing high school in Japan.

In the first year of the program, the 2020 school year, 2,820 students from 16 schools across Japan received materials. In the second year, the 2021 school year, we have received applications from 34 schools as of December, and we have provided materials for some 6,700 students. We also hold online briefing sessions for teachers who are conducting exploratory learning for the first time. Through these briefings and other efforts, we help people utilize the materials.

Following recent education reforms by MEXT, there has been progress in a shift to new educational guidelines. From the 2022 school year onward, high schools will implement full-scale classes under a category named "Period for Inquiry-Based Cross-Disciplinary Study." This is the background to the development of these materials.

High school teachers and staffs, however, continued to search for materials without any hope before the fully fledged launch of these classes. We learned about the issues that educational staff were encountering through the education company CareerLink, and we proposed making teaching materials that utilize our track record in construction projects as well as the rich selection of historical and valuable video assets that we hold showing construction work and other activities. Based on interviews with the education company and teachers, we selected three projects that would stimulate high school students' inquiring minds. With an approach for active learning based on the themes of urban development, passing down tradition, and involvement and coexistence, the teaching materials span two hours for each theme with videos and other content.

People's feelings bring tangible changes, such as the building and development of cities and society. A significant benefit of these learning materials is that they allow students to learn the importance of thinking about how society will change in the next century and considering the future based on free-thinking and problem-solving based on real-life projects.

Kajima is focusing efforts in education for the next generation as one of its pillars in social contribution activities. We anticipate that these efforts will enrich understanding and interest in the construction industry and help secure new talent to take on the issues that the industry faces.

Logo of the exploratory education program for high school students

A class using the materials in this exploratory education program

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Relief donations for the landslide disaster in the Izusan district of Atami

  • Community support
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery

We would like to offer our condolences to the victims who lost their lives in the landslide disaster that occurred in the Izusan district of Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture on July 3, 2021, as well as to express our sincere sympathies to affected people.

In order to support those affected by the landslide disaster that occurred in the Izusan district of Atami, Masato Matsuda, Deputy General Manager of the Yokohama Branch of Kajima, paid a visit to Atami Mayor Sakae Saito on October 7 to offer 14,802,500 yen in disaster-relief donations and expressed his sympathies to affected people.

Mayor Saito said, "There is still one person missing, and we are praying that she be found as soon as possible. We will use the received donations for assisting affected people and reconstructing the Izusan district."

Kajima built a system that makes it possible for people to donate a portion of their salary for disaster relief, and offered Atami City 9,802,500 yen in donations collected from Kajima executive officers and employees and the Kajima volunteer network along with five million yen in donations from the company.

We earnestly hope for the prompt reconstruction of the affected area.

Deputy General Manager Matsuda (second from the right) handing a list to Mayor Saito (center)

Deputy General Manager Matsuda (second from the right) handing a list to Mayor Saito (center)

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Completed Emergency Restoration Work for Slope Damage between the Numazu and Susono Interchanges (Up Lanes) in the Tomei Expressway

  • Community support
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery

On July 3, 2021, heavy rain in the Kanto and Tokai areas brought damage with a flow of debris in the Izusan area of Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and it also caused mudslide damage with artificial slopes collapsing between the Numazu and Susono Interchanges (up lanes) in the Tomei Expressway. This damage stretched for some 40 m with about 2,000 m3 of soil moving in total. Approximately 600 m3 of earth and sand spilled onto the expressway, blocking traffic in both up lanes.

Kajima's Yokohama Branch received a request from the NEXCO Central, and began emergency restoration work the next day on July 4. We installed large sandbags to prevent debris from flowing onto the down lanes, and we measured the changes in the slopes while removing soil that had fallen and setting up soldier piles and lateral lagging. As a result of these restorative efforts, we unblocked one up lane at 6 PM on July 9. We later installed steel lagging and ground anchors in round-the-clock work. Emergency restoration work was completed at 11 AM on August 27, allowing cars to travel on the second lane as well.

The state of damage on July 3

We unblocked one lane on July 9

We completed emergency restoration work and unblocked the second lane on August 27

According to Project Manager Kengo Kurihara, the key point in operations was that all staff members on-site acted independently with safety based on their own judgment, while engaging in solid communication. Looking back at the construction work, he said: "We were always feeling tense as we worked to unblock the second lane as early as possible while the other lane was in use. It was tough but we did not endure any hardships. With a tight schedule, the NEXCO Central, Kajima, and partner companies all worked as one, offering their own technologies and creative ideas to help restore the expressway swiftly. I will work hard on the full-scale restoration work going forward."

The personnel from Kajima's Yokohama Branch who engaged in restoration work

The slope collapse occurred at the point marked by a cross in this map

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Our first time participating in the Career Koshien 2021 business contest
for high schoolers

  • Education for the next generation

Kajima participates in Career Koshien 2021 this year for the first time as a theme sponsor. The event is a business contest for high school students held by Mynavi Gakusei no Madoguchi, a comprehensive media outlet for students run by Mynavi Corporation.

Having started in 2014, Career Koshien is a business idea contest and a form of education for the next generation where teams of high school students tackle themes provided by companies. This contest aims to develop human resources who can adapt to future social changes by providing high school students with an opportunity to take on themes given by companies and bolster their ability to solve unanswered problems—essential in an information-centric ever-globalizing society—through active learning instead of conventional passive learning.

The theme for this year's contest is Re:Creation. Based on this, Kajima has provided the following theme: In light of the roles that Kajima has fulfilled to this date, make a proposal for a business to create new social value in 20 years, using any method of your choice. Kajima looks forward to finding out the kinds of businesses high school students want to develop through their creative proposals to create social value, after inheriting people's thoughts and skills that Kajima has treasured to this date.

Kajima wants to promote understanding of and interest in the construction industry through education for the next generation as one of the social contribution activities that Kajima focuses on, and to address the industry-wide difficulty in securing workers.


Contest Overview

Career Koshien is a business contest for high school students of all grades. Teams of two to four high school students register for their preferred sponsor companies' themes. They compete through document screening, presentation video screening, followed by a semifinal round, upon which they will become a corporate representative team. A corporate representative team is decided for each sponsor company and then the final round among these teams is held at the end to select an overall winner.

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Hosted the 27th Kajima Foundation for the Arts Awards

  • Promotion of academia, culture, and art

On May 20, 2021, the 27th Kajima Foundation for the Arts Awards were held at the Kajima KI Building (Minato-ku, Tokyo) hosted by the Kajima Foundation for the Arts (led by Chairperson Kimiko Kajima), along with an online live stream of the event. These awards are held every year to recognize outstanding work in art history research. Winners were given a certificate and an additional prize of 500,000 yen by Chairperson Kajima before they were given the opportunity to give a presentation on their findings.

This year's winners were Yui Kanda for her research titled "Hitherto Unknown Brass Candlestick with Inscription on Being Presented to the Shrine of Imam Musa al-Kadhim and Inscriptions of Poetry in Persian" as well as Yuko Fujisaki for her research titled "Study on the Expression within the 'Il Compianto del Cristo Morto' Sculptural Group from the Italian Renaissance." Two people were also selected for Awards of Excellence: Michihiko Egaitsu for his research titled "Study on the Graphical Depiction of Monkey Performing in Medieval Paintings" and Taichi Osana for his research titled "The Role of the Pierre Matisse Gallery during the Second World War: Focusing on Art Exchange between Europe and America." These prizes were selected from a total of 54 research projects that received grants in 2018.

The Kajima Foundation for the Arts Awards won the Mécénat Award in November 2021 at Japan Mécénat Awards 2020 hosted by Association for Corporate Support of the Arts: Kigyo Mécénat Kyogikai.

Yuko Fujisaki participated online from her home in Italy

Prize-winner Yui Kanda

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