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Keisuke Koshijima
Keisuke Koshijima
Executive Vice President
General Manager,
Overseas Operations Division
After two assignments in the United States spanning nearly two decades,
Mr. Koshijima was appointed to General Manager of the Overseas Operations Division in 2010.

Our strength is based on construction and real estate development businesses driven by local employees who possess intimate knowledge of regional markets. Furthermore, our “multi-faceted and interwoven network” which is based on close-knit collaboration between our individual offices, creates strong synergies throughout the organization. Our commitment is to fully leverage these resources to provide optimal solutions for clients in Japan and around the world.

Of course, in our business, we cannot always expect to have revenue opportunities whenever and wherever we go. Consequently, to fulfil our commitment, it is essential for us to fortify and expand existing business platforms as well as cultivate new markets. That is why we are aiming to create new, profitable business opportunities not only with the current Kajima group of companies but also in collaboration with excellent business partners in each region.

Actively engaging in overseas operations since the 19th century

Kajima’s overseas operations, which began in the late 19th century with the construction of railway infrastructure in Taiwan, already has a history of more than 120 years.

Today, more than 100 subsidiaries are located in North America, Asia, Europe and Oceania and are engaged in construction and development projects. Our local team members and multi-faceted and interwoven network support our growing overseas operations.

Build a new “Team Kajima”

Construction and real estate development are industries firmly rooted in the local community and must be built around local people and companies. An effective way to achieve this and expand our business is through mergers and acquisitions.

The key to any corporate acquisition Kajima undertakes is the process of selecting new partners who understand and are willing to buy into Kajima’s corporate culture and philosophy of "valuing clients, focus on quality, safety and timely completion" which Kajima has preserved since its founding. We also look to see if a new partner has many repeat clients, whether they have the trust of clients in terms of quality, and whether they maintain high-caliber employees and value their growth.

Each of our local subsidiaries in Kajima’s overseas operations have built business platforms tailored to their respective markets. Platforms require a business model that earns profits, and people and organizations that execute business models. In some cases, the business platform may differ from region to region, but in recent years, synergies derived from cross-regional collaboration have become more pronounced.

In the case of multinational corporations, construction projects may be undertaken not only in one country or region but across multiple countries or regions. For this reason, many clients who use Kajima's design and construction services ask us to share our understanding of their requirements and know-how gained in implementing and materializing their visions to Kajima Group companies operating in other countries and regions. As corporate acquisitions increase and the number of group companies expands, we are establishing a system that enables us to exchange information with each other and provide better services across the world.

In addition, Kajima has been able to assist both Japanese and overseas clients with their needs in areas where we had no previous experience. For example, when a major U.S. entertainment firm was seeking a specialty contractor to create specially designed sets and massive artificial rock works for their new theme park in Japan, our Australian group company, Scenario- Cockram, worked with Kajima’s project team to provide the design, manufacturing and installation supervision required for the project to meet the client’s needs.

In our real estate development business, we have established a business model based on short-term turn over for logistics and distribution facilities in the United States, which encompasses land acquisition, construction, leasing, and sales to investors. This model is now being adapted for implementation in Europe. "People bringing their know-how" entails sending employees with experience in the development of logistics facilities in the United States to Europe to develop warehouses suited to the local market.

In this way, the business outreach in each region expands such that it overlaps and links with others creating an extensive network. I refer to this as a "multi-faceted and interwoven network" and believe this to be a pivotal feature of Kajima's overseas operations.

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Overseas Operations

Overseas Construction

Kajima’s overseas subsidiaries meeting
the construction-related needs of
international clients

Kajima has established overseas subsidiaries in many regions to provide a variety of construction-related services to meet the construction needs of clients who are expanding their businesses globally. In North America, Asia, and Europe, where we established operations ahead of our competitors, Kajima U.S.A. (KUSA), Kajima Asia Pacific Holdings (KAP), and Kajima Europe (KE) are the regional headquarters which manage subsidiary companies in each country. We have also established subsidiaries in China and Taiwan and with the establishment of Kajima Australia (KA) as the regional headquarters in 2015, we entered the market in Oceania. Kajima is within easy reach when you decide to expand your overseas business.

Real Estate Development

Real estate development deeply seated in
local communities

The distinguishing characteristic of our overseas real estate development model is that it promotes businesses led by overseas subsidiaries which are seated in the local community.
To date, we have established regional headquarters in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and have developed a wide range of projects, including offices, hotels, housing, educational and logistics facilities. Each regional headquarters promotes high value-added development projects by being deeply seated in environments with different business climates and values, while managing design, construction, and development functions.

Consolidated Sales

Overseas Sales
Overseas Sales by Region
Consolidated Sales

Global Network

Growing business through our global network

Kajima is growing its construction and real estate development businesses around the world through its global network of regional headquarters:

Kajima U.S.A. (KUSA) / Kajima Asia Pacific Holdings (KAP) / Kajima Europe (KE) / Kajima Australia (KA) /
Chung-Lu Construction / Kajima China

Team Stories

Building trust through teamwork

There are as many untold stories as there are Kajima employees and projects spread throughout the world. We would like to shed light on different aspects of our working partnerships with our locally-hired employees who are deeply connected to and active in their respective communities.


Kajima’s Contributions to Society

The international community is calling for the "Zero Emissions of Greenhouse Gases by 2050". In 2013, Kajima formulated "Kajima Environmental Vision Triple Zero 2050" and is working to build an environmentally friendly society centered on "carbon neutrality", "resource recycling", and "harmoniously co-existing with nature". Amid differing circumstances in each country, we are continuing to take on a variety of challenges in our overseas operations.


From feasibility studies to designing, building, maintenance, renovations, and repairs, we offer a premium suite of services to our valued clients.

Overseas subsidiaries provide a diverse range of services, from building planning and development to maintenance and repair. The chart below shows the services offered at each location. Detailed information is shown next to the group name in each region.

Check list for building facilities overseas:

Contact us

If you are planning to expand overseas or even just thinking about it, please feel free to contact the Overseas Operations Division. Our Business Development Group serves as a conduit between clients in Japan and Kajima’s overseas subsidiaries. Upon request, we can also provide information on local market trends, business practices, and types of construction suited to the area you are considering for your venture. If you are interested in Kajima's overseas real estate development, or if you are an international business person interested in a construction-related project in Japan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to hearing from you.

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