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Local Communities

Kajima’s business operations at offices and construction sites significantly impact local communities. As a member of the communities in which we operate, we participate in local activities as an important means of communication.

Beyond our efforts to help build a safe, secure and comfortable society through our day-to-day business operations, we also conduct social contribution activities outside our sphere of business while leveraging our strengths and insights, including technologies, personnel, bases, and networks. This includes making focused contributions to disaster recovery, community support, environmental protection, and education for the next generation, as well as support for volunteer work by employees. We also promote academic, culture, and art through foundations.

Bringing Up the Next Generation

Construction sites are temporary bases of operations; when a building or structure is completed, Kajima removes its flag from the construction site and leaves the spot. Even so, we hope that completed buildings and structures will be appreciated by people for many years. We think that it is our responsibility to encourage people to understand us through the way we carry out construction work at each passing moment.

Home > Sustainability > Society > Local Communities

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