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Kajima Procurement and Outsourcing Policy

Basic Policy

Kajima's basic outsourcing policy can be summarized into two goals:

  1. Adopt the principle of fair competition between companies thoroughly and strive to further reduce construction costs.
    To secure a reasonable profit, we must reduce construction costs more than ever before.
    As such, we work with companies that are eager to reduce costs and provide superb products and services in cooperation with us.
  2. Strive to maintain and enhance productivity together with companies that boast high construction capabilities.
    To survive as a construction company, we must maintain and enhance productivity, which requires coordination with partner companies.
    As such, we carry out concrete actions for companies that boast high construction capabilities, such as promising or excellent companies.

Expected Enterprise Image

As our partner companies and us are in a seller–buyer (vendor–client) business relationship, we expect that our partner companies have the capabilities to fulfill their duties pertaining to construction subcontract agreements.

From the buyers' perspective, an expected or excellent company satisfies the following requirements as an independent company:

  1. Able to independently manage the quality, cost, construction period, safety, and environment of a subcontracted construction project as per the agreement.
  2. Possesses unique technologies and makes active efforts to improve and develop technologies.
  3. Retains excellent engineers and skilled workers and offers extensive training programs.
  4. Has a stable management base and strives to streamline operations. In addition, it is preferable that there are successors under training.
  5. Able to conduct business in a deliberate and independent manner.

Measures to Implement

The first measure is to obtain objective information, such as construction experience, management conditions, and contributions, and to select companies based on these results before placing an order in order to work with promising or excellent companies as per the Outsourcing Policy mentioned above.

As this requires fairness and transparency, we evaluate the construction results of each company at every construction site, obtain a wide range of information from outside organizations, and establish and use a proprietary assessment system.

Note that in all industries, we prioritize companies that satisfy quality requirements (including aspects related to construction period and safety), and that propose the lowest price when placing an order in any industry.

The second measure is to promote the following actions for promising or excellent companies on the assumption that they make efforts to operate independently (these actions may vary in some ways depending on the branch office or builder).

  1. Visit offices regularly to interview CEOs about their circumstances and views directly.
  2. Partially disclose evaluation results to relevant companies and provide helpful information for corporate management.
  3. Pay a fixed incentive to foremen that have made many contributions to construction works.
  4. Provide senior management, employees, foremen, and skilled workers with effective training opportunities.
  5. Promote improvement activities vigorously and set appropriate incentives for VE(Value Engineering) proposals.

Home > Sustainability > Policies > Kajima Procurement and Outsourcing Policy

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