Earning carbon credits from using reduced-cement concrete



By using reduced-cement concrete, we were able to greatly lower CO2 emissions during the construction of Dommy Minami-Nagasaki Annex, a residential building. As a result, we were awarded J-Credits for the project.* On a side note, we also used a new blockchain-based platform we completed in March 2022 that allowed us to visualize the volume of CO2 emitted during construction. The platform made it much easier for us to determine our overall CO2 emissions in the project and also facilitated our J-Credit application process.

  • * J-Credits: This carbon credit program run by the Japanese government awards credits to companies, farmers, and organizations that employ initiatives for lowering the amount of CO2 emitted in the course of their work—such as by incorporating energy-saving equipment and renewable energy—or for capturing CO2 and other gases in the air through the proper management of forest land.


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