First Application of Stay-In-Place Formwork Made of CO2-SUICOM to Highway Bridge Piers



Stay-In-Place formwork made of CO2-SUICOM, a carbon-negative concrete that emits practically zero or less CO2 during concrete production, was applied for the first time to highway bridge pier construction. CO2-SUICOM is a concrete that can absorb and fix CO2 within its interior during the manufacturing process. In the Ebie construction section of the Hanshin Expressway (Osaka Prefecture), which is being constructed by Kajima Corporation, the use of this material in the manufacturing of Stay-In-Place formwork which reduced 100% of the CO2 emitted by ordinary concrete during its production, and further absorbed CO2 emissions by 10%, achieving minus 59 kg per cubic meter. Furthermore, the use of the product as a Stay-In-Place formwork eliminates the need for demolding work, reducing CO2 emissions and streamlining construction at the same time.


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