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Targets and Actual Figures

* For more details, see Environmental Data.

Summary of Environmental Activities for Fiscal 2020

Activities in fiscal 2020, which was the final year of the previous three-year plan (FY2018-2020), generally proceeded smoothly. In the low-CO2 emissions (carbon neutrality) field, against a target of an 8% reduction compared to fiscal 2013, the reduction in CO2 emissions per unit of sales was 37.3%, according to the total amount for all sites surveyed by our Environmental Data Evaluation System (edes), and a 22.2% reduction using the same sample sites survey method as until fiscal 2019.* In recycling resources, the final waste disposal rate including sludge was 2.5%, compared with the target of less than 3%.

*For comparison with past data, total results for the previous sample sites have been calculated and are also presented.

Environmental Compliance

With regard to environmental problems, although there were no serious legal violations, there was one case in which we received a recommendation for correction.

Home > Sustainability > Environment > Targets and Actual Figures

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