Overseas Operations

Kajima is growing its construction and
real estate development businesses around the world
through its global network of regional headquarters.

Overseas Construction

Kajima’s overseas subsidiaries meeting the construction-related needs of
international clients

In the construction business, Kajima's local subsidiaries in each region provide reliable, high-value-added services, from design and engineering to construction, that meet the construction demands of our global manufacturing clients and local businesses in each region. We are also expanding our business domain through alliances with local companies and M&A.

Real Estate Development

Real estate development deeply seated in
local communities

In the development business, local subsidiaries take the lead in identifying the business environment and choosing the most appropriate development content and business methods. When necessary, we work with local partners and cooperate with the construction sector to realize high value.
To date, we have developed distribution warehouses, offices, hotels, housing, commercial facilities and their complexes, and are developing new renewable energy facilities.

Consolidated Sales

Consolidated Sales
Trends in Overseas Sales
Overseas Sales by Region

Message from
Our General Manager

Keisuke Koshijima
Executive Vice President
General Manager,
Overseas Operations Division
After two assignments in the United States spanning nearly two decades,
Mr. Koshijima was appointed to General Manager of the Overseas Operations Division in 2010.

Creating a multi-dimensional network

In Kajima's overseas business, we build customized business platforms in each region through our local subsidiaries. Our platforms are based on profitable business models, and skilled teams and organizations that implement our business models. We expand our overseas operations by diversifying the business fields of our local operating companies and establishing a multi-dimensional network among them.

We undertake construction projects across multiple countries and regions for multinational corporations. Our clients appreciate our design and construction services because we share our understanding of their requirements and know-how with Kajima Group companies operating in other countries and regions to realize their visions. We provide services that best match the regional circumstances globally through our network.

In our real estate development business, we have successfully implemented a short-term turnover business model in logistics and distribution in the United States, from land acquisition to construction, leasing, and sale to investors. We have also expanded this business in Europe and Asia. We leverage our networks to expand our business by moving staff members with experience in developing logistics facilities in the United States to other regions. This is how we transfer our know-how through our people.

We aim to acquire companies that share our corporate philosophy and corporate culture as we continue to expand our overseas business network.


Overseas Operations Division
– Supporting Kajima’s overseas operations –

At the Kajima Head Office, the Overseas Operations Division supervises
and provides support to overseas subsidiaries.
As a hub for communication with each region,
We are developing a variety of technologies and know-how.

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