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Opening of Wink Hotel Saigon Centre

July 19, 2021

Kajima Development (KD) and its local partner in Vietnam, Indochina Capital, opened Wink Hotel Saigon Centre in Da Kao, District 1 in Ho chi Minh City on March 24, 2021. The hotel is the first hotel under the “Winks Hotels”, Vietnam’s revolutionary new hospitality brand.
Headquartered in Singapore for the real estate development business in Southeast Asia, KD formed a partnership with Indochina Capital and established Indochina Kajima Development (IKD) in 2016. Since then, IKD has sought a number of real estate development business opportunities in Vietnam. 12-storied Wink Hotel Saigon Centre, with 237 rooms and a total floor area of 9,943m2, is the first real estate development project for IKD and is also the first Wink Hotel that came to open to date.

Wink Hotels perfectly combines traditional Vietnamese elements and colors with comfortable functionality to provide "affordable luxury" to hotel guests, especially to younger generations. In addition, for the first time in the Vietnamese hotel industry, Wink Hotels introduced "STAY24 Program" that guarantees a 24-hour guest stay regardless of check-in time. Guests at the Wink Hotel Saigon Centre are granted free access to Toong brand coworking spaces in the hotel and any other locations in Ho chi Minh City.
Following the opening of Wink Hotel Saigon Centre, IKD aims to further develop the Wink Hotels brand in major cities across Vietnam.





Chung-Lu Construction holds site tours for pupils, students, and teachers
at Taipei Japanese School

May 21, 2021

On December 18th, 2020, a site tour was held at the Taipei Japanese School, where Chung-Lu Construction, our local subsidiary, is in charge of design and construction, in which 105 fourth-grade elementary school students attended.

This tour was planned for the school's pupils, students, and teachers. The tour was held sequentially with the aim of encouraging them to become interested in the construction industry by learning how their schools are being constructed.

In addition to the construction process, progress status, and the completion design, the site staff provided easy-to-understand explanations of the tools and types of vehicles used at the site, as well as clothing ingenuity, using diagrams, paintings, photographs, and other means. After the lecture, students visited the job site.

Many comments were received from the students, including: "I'm looking forward to seeing stairs in the new library that will make it wider than it is now," and "It was interesting that tools used in construction were compared to animals."

In addition, Chung-Lu Construction donated them books on construction titled "Gradually completed" supervised by Kajima and published by Froebel-Kan Co.,Ltd , which has become popular books at their library as well.

This plan is a rebuilding due to the aging of the school building. The structure is RC/S/SRC-built, the school is 3 stories 1 basement, 1PH (Pent House), and the gymnasium is 4 stories. The total floor area is 17,130m2.

The schematic design was provided by Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc., the construction documents were developed by the Architectural Design Division of Kajima Corporation and the construction work was assigned to Chung-Lu Construction.

In June 2021, they will start classes at new schools and new gymnasiums, and then the demolition work of existing schools and improvement of the athletic field will be started.
The project is scheduled for completion in December 2021.

Quiz about construction work wears

Quiz about construction work wears

All 4 volumes of the  Gradually completed

All 4 volumes of the " Gradually completed" supervised by Kajima and published by Froebel-Kan Co.,Ltd .

Launch of English version of "Kajima's Overseas Operations" website

April 2, 2021

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the English version of our website. It is our hope this will help you understand more about Kajima’s overseas business and our team around the world.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or requests regarding your international project.

Thank you.

Completion of Westin Anaheim Resort

April 2, 2021

KCS West is extremely honored to have been the general contractor for the newly constructed Westin Anaheim Resort by US real estate company, Wincome Group, in Anaheim, Orange County, California. This resort was completed in November 2020 and the grand opening is scheduled for June 2021.

The Westin Anaheim Resort is a five-star luxury hotel with 618 guest rooms. The resort also boasts meeting rooms, a banquet hall and bar, restaurants, retail stores, outdoor swimming pool and a state-of-the-art fitness center. This resort is located adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center and just across from the Disney California Adventure Amusement Park. The exclusive rooftop lounge is a perfect venue for hotel guests to enjoy panoramic views of Disney’s nightly fireworks shows. This resort aims to be one of the premium destination hotels in Southern California.

KCS West, a group company of KUSA and a US subsidiary of Kajima, was selected as the general contractor to construct the magnificent hotel and parking garage. Although there were many challenges to overcome such as complicated, phased construction sequences and the impact from COVID-19, KCS West successfully completed the project with no accidents or safety issues.





Project outline

Westin Anaheim Resort
Orange County, California, USA
Wincome Group
Architectural Design-HED Design
Structural Design- Englekirk Structural Engineers
Equipment Design-Glumac
KCS West
9 stories, total floor area 42,000m2
Construction period:
December 2018 to November 2020

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